Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enjoy it if someone disapproves of you for no good reason

I totally agree with this guy for choosing not to attend his high school reunion. Especially since the school sounds like it was criminally negligent.

I did not feel I fit in at school either, and don't understand why I need to re-connect with people I had nothing in common with in the first place. I have never been to a single school reunion, and see no reason why I should feel "obligated" to go.

It's not about bearing grudges. It's not even about hating your ex-classmates. I don't care about my ex-classmates enough to despise them. It takes too much energy.

But I did not have a good time in school, and I don't see why I need to be reminded of it. Even though my life isn't perfect, it's a helluva lot better than it was when I went to school.

I feel very sorry for people that were unpopular in school but still attend reunions because they sooo want to impress their classmates, and get their classmates to like them. Why give a F*CK what those snots think of you?? Some of these people even organize those reunions.

However, I have to say that high school did strengthen me in that I eventually learned not take people that disapprove of me just because I'm "different" seriously. It can take time if you originally tried to fit in but didn't succeed, as I did, but once you learn it, it's a valuable lesson.

Today, when I encounter catty people (they can be either male or female; they just tend to express it differently), I can only pity them for being the sad, pathetic losers they really are. Catty people are petty and infantile. They have no life outside of dissing people, and are probably frustrated because of it. Cattiness is a form of compulsive masturbation. Without someone to hurt or bad-mouth, catty people are nothing.

When catty people see someone who never bad-mouths others unless they've done something to deserve it, who detests cattiness, naturally they're going to want to persecute him/her.

You can use this to your advantage. I'm not a religious person by any means, but there are a couple of verses in the New Testament I really like:

"Blessed are those who are persecuted for the cause of right, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs." - Matthew 5:10

"Blessed are those who suffer insults and every kind of calumny for my sake. Accept it with gladness and exultation, for you have a rich reward in heaven; in the same way they persecuted the prophets before you." - Matthew 5:11-12

If a catty person despises you, and it's for a reason you don't respect, or because you don't want to hurt others and they do, bask in their hatred. Consider it the ultimate compliment. There's no reason for you to get even with them. You've already won.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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